Private Fees

Below is a list of our prices for private treatment. Please be aware that these prices are estimates and are subject to change at any time. If you join one of our Dental Care Plans you will be eligible for a 20% discount on private treatment (excluding Invisalign).

New patient Exam (includes radiographs)                                         £89.00

Recall exam                                                                                        £65.00


Hygienist visit -20mins                                                                    £60.00

Hygienist visit -30mins                                                                    £80.00


Metal fillings                     Small                                                    from          £70.00

Large                                                    from         £155.00


White fillings                     Small                                                   from          £105.00

                                           Medium                                                from          £229.00


Crowns/inlays/onlays         Metal                                                     £349.00

                                              Porcelain/metal                                     £499.00

                                              Metal free                                              £649.00


Whitening trays & gel    1 arch (upper or lower)                                 £229.00

                                         2 arches (Upper and lower)                         £379.00


Sports mouth guards                                                                     £110.00

Bruxism splint                                                                                £99.00                  Orthodontic retainers              1 arch (upper or lower)                  £99.00

                                                   2 arches (upper & lower)               £165.00    


Extractions                        Simple                                         from   £99.00

                                           Complex                                      from   £199.00



Endodontic treatment        Single root                                 from   £389.00

 (root canal)                         Multi-root                                   from   £599.00


Dentures                         Simple acrylic                               from   £329.00

                                        Full acrylic 1 arch                          from   £439.00

                                        Full acrylic (upper & lower)            from   £749.00

                                        Metal/chrome 1 arch                     from   £895.00

Denture repairs                                                                    from   £55.00

Denture teeth additions                                                      from   £89.00

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