Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening through a dentist is the safest and least invasive way to improve your smile. We have two systems here at the practice that can help brighten your smile. Poladay and Polanight are safe, convenient and highly effective whitening treatments which are all about choice. Pola’s unique, high water content formulation has a neutral pH and high viscosity designed to protect patient’s gums during treatment.


Pola Day

Pola Day whitening gel contains hydrogen peroxide. The higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide makes it possible to deliver tooth whitening results in a shorter period of time thanks to the formulation containing more active ingredient. This whitening treatment is designed to be used for a short time during the day.

Pola Night

Pola Night whitening contains the active ingredient carbamide peroxide. This allows for the solution to remain in the mouth overnight which some patients find more convenient.


Whitening treatment can be carried out by any of our dentists. A single arch costs £199.00 or both arches costs £349.00. Each Pola Day or Pola Night whitening tube costs £15.50. 

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